Bill Shane

X-Disease Management in Stone Fruit is Not That Simple

While symptoms may vary by host, this pathogen’s persistence is what makes controlling it a challenge.

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One of the easiest diseases to identify is the most difficult to control.

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This moth has many characteristics that have allowed it to adapt and thrive in many peach and nectarine growing regions.

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While diversity in species gives the consumer many options, plums can be a challenge for growers and marketers.

Tips To Keep Your Stone Fruit Orchard Clean

Managing serious plant diseases of peach and plums requires a cooperative approach.

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Here are some common indicators to look out for if your area experiences a freeze event.

Prevent Varmints From Pillaging Your Peach Crop

One of the realities of life is that in any garden or orchard, eventually insects, pathogens, and animals will show up to claim their share — or at least become obnoxious in some way.

The Evolution of Mechanical Blossom Thinning in Peaches

Although the change will be gradual, these new devices will have a profound effect on how peaches are grown.

Lessons Learned From Mother Nature In Peach Breeding

New American Fruit Grower columnist Bill Shane discusses the basics of peach breeding.