Gary K. England

How To Track Irrigation: Keep Your Eye On The Blue Dye

Time-tested, color-appropriate method for following water movement in plasticulture veggie crops could prove fruitful in blueberries, too.

Site Selection Solutions For Peaches

The release of improved low-chill peach cultivars from the UF/IFAS stone fruit breeding program has increased the potential […]

Freeze Factors For Blueberries

In addition to sprinklers, there are some other tactics that can be employed to reduce the risk from cold.

Weed Management Options In Blueberries

Establishing and maintaining an effective weed management program is one of the most important factors in obtaining optimum […]

Blueberry Fields Forever

Weeds pose a challenge to blueberry growers on a year-round basis. Proper identification of the weed species present […]