[ American/Western Fruit Grower ] American/Western Fruit Grower September/October 2013

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2013 Top Fruit Growers Report

American/Western Fruit Grower’s annual Top 100 Growers report is ranked according to 2012 acreage for the below crops, and the farms must be owned or leased by one company that is responsible for maintaining it. Note that acreage information from this year’s report was compiled based on grower feedback, industry analysis, and estimates based on

Paying Fruit Pickers Per Pound

Several years ago cherry grower Mike Omeg, who is always looking for ways to do a better job and increase his bottom line, sat down and asked himself one critical question: “How can I reduce my operating costs without hurting the quality of the fruit?” Omeg, who farms 375 acres of cherries in The Dalles,

2013 Apple Crop Estimate Unveiled

There was certainly a change in tone during this year’s U.S, Apple Association Crop Outlook and Marketing Conference, at least compared to last year’s event. During the 2012 conference, many apple growers, packers, and marketers in the Eastern U.S. were facing a major crop loss thanks to a series of late frost events, and wondering

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