American/Western Fruit Grower September/October 2013

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2013 Top Fruit Growers Report

American/Western Fruit Grower’s annual Top 100 Growers report is ranked according to 2012 acreage for the below crops, and the

2013 Apple Crop Estimate Unveiled

There was certainly a change in tone during this year’s U.S, Apple Association Crop Outlook and Marketing Conference, at least

The Latest
Apples & PearsPennsylvania Congressman Supports CIDER Act
August 31, 2015
Freshman Congressman Ryan Costello (PA-06) spent a recent afternoon at Frecon Farms in Boyertown, PA, to tout the CIDER Act, Read More
Oriental Fruit fly
CitrusExotic Fruit Flies Invade South Florida
August 31, 2015
Efforts are under way to eradicate pest that attacks more than 230 different fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Read More
Business PlanningBe Food Safety Recall-Ready [Opinion]
August 31, 2015
No one ever wants to make someone sick after consuming fresh produce, but in spite of the protocols in place, recallls happen and you must be prepared. Read More
Crop ProtectionSustainable Options For Controlling Stink Bug In Vegeta…
August 31, 2015
A researcher from Rutgers University offers pointers to help you control this pest of fruits and vegetables. Read More
CitrusNominations Open For Next Class Of Florida Citrus Hall …
August 31, 2015
Inductees to be honored during the 54th annual Citrus Celebration Luncheon. Read More
CitrusWhole-Farm Revenue Protection Insurance To Be Available…
August 31, 2015
USDA offers greater flexibility for beginning, organic and fruit and vegetable growers. Read More
Cucurbits8 Must-Have Melons
August 31, 2015
This month’s variety specs feature focuses on the latest cantaloupe and melon varieties. Some of the features highlighted include disease Read More
drought management; irrigation; water management
CitrusClear Up Misconceptions About Water Use In Ag
August 31, 2015
Those in the industry need to to clear up misconceptions about water use in agriculture. Read More
FruitsNew Airless Tire For Center Pivots
August 31, 2015
Aperture design provides flexibility over ridges to help prevent overloading of the drive train. Read More
Stone FruitHow Canopy Structures Can Affect Sweet Cherry Productiv…
August 31, 2015
We have previously explored orchard cover technologies to modify climatic risks in sweet cherry production, such as rain-cracking and spring Read More
Fruits6 Tips To Avoid Postharvest Losses
August 31, 2015
Avoiding postharvest losses essentially comes down to knowing what techniques to employ, and what to evade throughout each link in Read More
Insect & Disease UpdateProducts To Help Your Trees Fight Off Citrus Greening
August 31, 2015
Tree decline is one of the major components of citrus greening disease or huanglongbing (HLB). Vectored by the Asian citrus Read More
CitrusGMOs Might Be The Solution To Invasive Diseases [Opinio…
August 30, 2015
Huanglongbing is ravaging Florida’s iconic oranges and California's are at risk; we should not just stand by and watch the U.S. citrus industry dry up. Read More
BerriesRemoving Leftover Roots May Improve New Raspberry Crop’…
August 30, 2015
Soilborne pests and pathogens can be reduced by taking out last year’s red raspberry roots and crowns. Read More
CitrusMany HLB Finds In California
August 30, 2015
Scientists always said it was just a matter of time, but having an incurable disease like Huanglongbing infect the state’s citrus is jarring. Read More
NutsGrowers Claim Pistachio Trees Diseased – Nursery …
August 30, 2015
Whatever the cause, pistachio trees are suffering from Pistachio Bushy Top Syndrome, and tens of thousands of acres in California and Arizona will have to be replanted. Read More
CitrusFederal Judge Blocks Clean Water Rule
August 28, 2015
  According to RISE (Responsible Industry For A Sound Environment), a federal judge in North Dakota has blocked implementation of Read More
PotatoesUSDA Deregulates Late Blight-Resistant Genetically Engi…
August 28, 2015
Agency cites no significant impact of special spud developed by J.R. Simplot. Read More