Online Exclusive: Recent Herbicide Updates

  • Gowan Acquires Products From Dow AgroScience

Gowan Company, LLC has reached an agreement with Dow AgroSciences LLC to acquire the rights to M-Pede insecticide/fungicide and Scythe herbicide. M-Pede is an OMRI certified insecticide/fungicide that controls aphids, thrips, and mites on a variety of crops including vegetables, grapes, tree fruits, tree nuts, cotton, and ornamentals. Scythe is a non-selective herbicide used for controlling a broad spectrum of weeds.

These purchases are an excellent addition to Gowan Company’s line of crop protection products and allow Dow AgroSciences to focus resources on priority solutions in its agricultural chemical portfolio, especially new molecules in the launch phase, as well as its growing biotechnology portfolio. “This is part of Dow AgroSciences’ ongoing portfolio management activities to maximize value and further our global growth strategy,” said Pierre Flye Sainte Marie, Global Business Leader for Growth Insecticides at Dow AgroSciences.

Under this agreement, Gowan and its subsidiaries will start selling M-Pede® and Scythe® effective Nov. 10, 2010. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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  • Solida Cleared For Use in California

Cheminova Inc. has received a state registration for Solida herbicide to be used in California’s established tree, nut and vine crops, potatoes, tomatoes, industrial sites and roadsides. Solida is a sulfonylurea herbicide that is effective against a broad range of tough grass weeds along with broadleaf weeds like marestail*, mallow, and fleabane.

Mike Krull, Herbicide Portfolio Manager for Cheminova points out that Solida offers application flexibility and can be applied in either preemergence or postemergence programs. “Solida is formulated as a 25% WDG (water dispersible granule),” says Krull. “This is an easy to use formulation that mixes quickly and easily into solution. Once dispersed, it stays in suspension, which is something growers will like about Solida.”

Solida can be tank-mixed with a wide range of other labeled soil residual and burndown products to extend residual activity and broaden the spectrum of weed control. Solida will be packaged in 20-ounce bottles with each case containing eight bottles.

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(*Naturally occurring resistant marestail biotypes are known to occur in parts of the U.S.)

  • Treevix Herbicide From BASF Receives California Registration

Treevix herbicide, powered by Kixor herbicide technology from BASF’s Crop Protection division, has received approval from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for use in California, giving tree nut, pome fruit, and citrus growers another tool to fight yield-robbing braodleaf weeds in their orchards.

Treevix offers a unique chemistry that complements glyphosate for fast, complete burndown of more than 60 of the toughest broadleaf weeds, including difficult species, such as common groundsel, hairy fleabane, cheeseweed, and pigweed.

Treevix is tree-safe and non-volatile. It is an ideal tank-mix martner and has a short pre-harvest application window.

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  • New Rely 280 Herbicide For Potatoes

Rely 280, a more concentrated formulation of Rely herbicide, is now registered by EPA.

This formulation of Bayer CropScience’s Rely is said to provide an effective desiccation while allowing potatoes additional time to add bulk before digging.

Some chemical desiccants kill vines quickly, stopping tuber bulking prematurely, explains Andy Hurst, Bayer CropScience product manager. Rely 280 works more slowly, mimicking the natural senescence process and allowing tubers seven to 14 days of extra bulking time.

In addition to potato vine desiccation, Rely 280 is labeled for several crop and non-crop uses, including apples, tree nuts, grapes, bushberries, and other berries.

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  • Organic Herbicide From Pharm Solutions

Pharm Solutions Inc. has received USDA National Organic Program Certification for its newest bio-herbicide product, Pharm Solutions Organic Weed Killer. This product is said to be the only herbicide to carry the USDA Organic Seal. This non-selective, burn down organic weed and grass killer contains organic oils and organic surfactants.

Developed by a family of organic growers, the Pharm Solutions line of patent pending certified organic crop protectants has been available since 2006. Pharm Solutions Organic Weed Killer and six other certified organic pesticides are USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, the oldest USDA accrediting body certifying organic farms, processors, marketers, and handlers nationally and worldwide.

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