Tracking With Technology

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Vegetable growers need to know if fertilizer is being taken up by the plant and only water movement can achieve this, whether by irrigation or rainfall. Growers need to record the history of those events so they can make the critical decisions. Earthtec Solutions, LLC can help growers with this process.

Earthtec has been named Adcon International Inc.’s distributor for its telemetry radio products in the agricultural and landscape turf markets for the Eastern U.S., including all states east of the Mississippi. These products monitor soil moisture, salinity, and temperature. Earthtec links telemetry, sensors, and software to provide the user with the most accurate information. The data is transmitted via radio to a central data processing unit, and visualization software processes the information. Weather stations also are available. 

Earthtec also offers disease modeling as part its services. Disease modeling provides growers with additional information on conditions that may invite various pathogens. 

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