550 Pounds of Tomatoes Stolen from Massachusetts Farm

Photo by McKay Savage.

A community farm in Waltham, MA, has been hit by a thief three years running, a local Boston news station reports. A single person has stolen more than 500 pounds of tomatoes over that time span.

Three years ago, 300 pounds of harvested tomatoes disappeared from an outdoor storage area at Waltham Fields Community Garden over the Labor Day weekend. The garden runs a CSA, and also donates food to emergency food programs.

Waltham Fields Community Garden’s security camara captured this image of the alleged tomato thief. Photo courtesy of Waltham Police Department.

As a result, the farm installed a surveillance camera, the station reports. And the following year, again on Labor Day weekend, when 150 pounds of tomatoes disappeared, the footage showed a woman moving the crop to her car.

Determined to catch her, workers staked out the storage area. Turns out the thief showed up a day before, taking 100 pounds of tomatoes with her this time.

The most recent footage shows the thief selecting the tomatoes she wants, consolidating them into bins, and loading them into her Honda CRV, Patch.com reports.