New Organic Seed Treatment for Spinach

Germains Seed Technology announces the introduction of ProBio SafeGuard, a new, certified organic seed treatment for spinach distributed exclusively through Holaday Seed Company.

ProBio SafeGuard is for early plant protection against Pythium even before the plant emerges and within the first stages of growth. By providing pre-emergence protection, the seed treatment establishes a barrier around the emerging plant and the developing root system that helps protect spinach crops against Pythium during germination until the first true leaf stage, according to the company.  

Organic spinach growers are experiencing field issues due to Pythium, a fungal disease associated with the damping off complex, which can result in substantial crop and financial losses. The key timeframe for Pythium damage to take place is 0 to 14 days after planting. ProBio SafeGuard is said to help to establish a greater number of plants resulting in higher yields.