Syngenta Registers Potato Insecticide/Fungicide Seed Treatment

Syngenta Registers Potato Insecticide/Fungicide Seed Treatment

Syngenta released CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme insecticide/fungicide seed treatment. The product protects young potato plants with two fungicides that have different modes of action, an insecticide, and a drying agent to aid in wound healing.


The two fungicide components in CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme, fludioxonil and difenoconazole, provide defense against Fusarium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., and Helminthosporium solani, which can cause silver scurf, black scurf, and cankers. Thiamethoxam, the insecticide component, is active against Colorado potato beetle, aphids, potato leaf hopper, and potato psyllid. CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme builds on trusted, leading brands to enhance pest control and help prevent fungicide resistance.

“CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme gives us the chance to broaden the existing activity of the previous generation of potato seed treatments and helps prevent the occurrence of Fusarium spp. resistance,” says David Belles, technical lead, Syngenta Seedcare. “Because of the nature of potato cultivation, fighting resistance is a fact of life, and we want products to remain viable for as long as possible. With the introduction of CruiserMaxx Potato Extreme, we are taking a proactive step to help achieve that goal.”

Source: Syngenta Press Release