Potato Growers Keep Acreage In Line With Demand

In its July board of directors meeting, United Potato Growers of America announced that both fall and annual potato acreage is virtually unchanged from last year. This assessment is based upon data from USDA as well as the direct counting done by United chapters in California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.


“United is pleased that growers heeded the call to plant for expected demand rather than basing their decisions on what the price was for potatoes several months ago,” said Lee Frankel, United president and chief executive officer. “United appreciates the strong efforts of the United co-op leaders and members to communicate to growers throughout the country about appropriate planting levels.”

Frankel and the board of directors believe that current acreage levels provide potato growers in most areas an opportunity to achieve another year of profitability. Cautions Frankel, “It is still too early to know how the current fall crop will mature and produce. Growers should be aware that the work for the marketing of this crop is just beginning.”

United advises growers to actively manage the flow to the market to ensure sustainable profitability. United members should stay involved with United for updated fall crop reports so they can understand how growing conditions may produce more potatoes in total or more of a particular size profile or fewer potatoes than expected with each situation requiring more active, strategic crop management.

Source: United Potato Growers of America press release