Judge Rules Against California Raisin Marketing Board

The future of the California Raisin Marketing Board may be in jeopardy after a Sacramento County Superior Court judge ruled that the organization was not created legally, according to the Fresno Bee.

Judge Raymond Cadei’s decision was hailed by lawyers representing a group of dissident growers and packers who have been trying to dismantle the board for several years.

They challenged the California Department of Food and Agriculture, claiming the board did not meet the appropriate requirements when it formed 15 years ago.

The Fresno-based board is responsible for promoting California raisins through advertising and marketing campaigns. But some farmers have complained about paying for marketing that they don’t agree with.

“This is a huge win,” Brian Leighton, an attorney representing the dissident growers and packers, who has represented growers of other crops in the past, told the newspaper. Here is the rest of the Bee’s story.

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