Deadline Nearing For 2017 Almond Leadership Program Applications

Deadline Nearing For 2017 Almond Leadership Program Applications

The Almond Leadership Program, a yearlong, annual program developed by Almond Board of California (ABC), aims to grow leadership within the almond industry. The program was developed to inspire and prepare the California Almond community to join a network of leaders embracing the challenges of a changing industry.


Entering its eighth year, the Almond Leadership Program has grown the industry knowledge base of past participants, while also preparing participants for how to represent the industry when dealing with difficult questions. Throughout the years, the program has evolved into helping participants grow as leaders and advocates.

“In farming, there are issues that surface, from air pollution to water usage,” said Sim Batth, 2015 Almond Leadership Program participant. “Through efforts like the Almond Leadership Program, ABC does a great job of mitigating these issues, and helping to prepare the potential leaders in the industry to answer difficult questions.”

Many participants who join the leadership program have prior experience working in the almond industry, but have the motivation to advance their involvement within the industry. The program will enhance participants’ management skills and strategies to enable them to become better leaders in the almond industry.

“I started working in the almond industry with zero agricultural experience, and the leadership program helped me learn a lot,” says Bobby McCuan, 2013 Almond Leadership Program participant. “After participating in the program, I’ve been able to evolve my career for the better and continue my involvement in the almond industry.”

At the completion of each annual program, participants serve as nonvoting members for a year on an ABC committee to continue to expand their leadership skills and their involvement within the almond industry beyond their day-to-day activities. “It’s my job to work with several commodities, and after participating in the program, I’ve gone from minimal involvement in the almond industry to being heavily involved,” said Batth. “I currently sit as a leadership member on the Global Market Development Committee, so I’m able to have a voice and contribute within Almond Board of California.”

Applications for the 2017 Almond Leadership Program will be accepted until 5 p. p.m. on Friday, Dec. 9. To apply, visit the link at or contact Jenny Nicolau at [email protected] or 209-343-3248.