Product Profiles: Cold Protection

Product Spotlight: Cold Protection


The FrostGuard from Agrofrost NV was developed especially for fruit and vegetable growers. Able to be used in small fields, vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, and plastic tunnels, the FrostGuard employs a gas burner and powerful fan driven by a gas engine. Fans rotate 360° continuously to protect a prescribed area. A unit can be transported with relative ease and several can be grouped to cover a larger area. FrostGuard is available in three different models.
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Kennco’s Frost-Off specialty equipment works to cover plants with an insulating non-toxic foam in advance of a frost or freeze threat. The natural-chemical foam is designed to keep plants warm by shielding them from the outside air while keeping the warmer air radiating from the plant and the soil in. The foam sets within an hour of application and can protect plants for as long as 24 to 36 hours at a time. Application is easy as the sprayer nursery packs can generate more than 600 gallons of foam per minute. Standard sizes of the product include a 600-gallon vegetable unit, a 100-gallon unit on a skid, and a 35-gallon unit with a wheelbarrow-style tank for smaller jobs.
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