Three Orchard Irrigation Products

Three Orchard Irrigation Products

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Irrigation Manager Version 4.2, PureSense

PureSense is helping growers solve their water-related problems by providing the hardware, software, and support tools needed to make difficult irrigation decisions with proven success of saving growers money, time, water, and other farm inputs.

The new version of their software, Irrigation Manager™ Version 4.2, makes the data that comes from their weather and soil monitoring solution easy to interpret. The in-field computer from the field monitoring station takes readings every 15 minutes, so real-time data can be viewed from any computer or smart phone with a Web connection.

Upon login, intuitive icons relay the status of the available water in the field via color variations and a gauge. The color will show red if a field is at wilting point and blue if at capacity, and every color in between depending on moisture levels. Irrigation sets are also outlined in the corresponding color for even easier viewing of the field’s moisture status.

Each icon can be hovered over for a clearer picture of the irrigation set. The new hover chart illustrates seven-day moisture trends and displays the amount of applied water as well as scheduled vs. actual irrigation hours. An innovative field calendar will automatically display plant development stages. Growers can also track scheduled and actual irrigation events through the calendar.

The available water chart will display available water not only in a percentage but in inches. Most importantly, through the charts, growers can view the plant water uptake, to ensure an irrigation event was successful.

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R5 Rotator, Nelson Irrigation

Growers can protect their full coverage irrigation investment by installing the new R5 Rotator — the only micro sprinkler with the low-flow capability of drip/micro with the throw and uniformity performance of a Rotator® sprinkler. Better yet, it is now available in a heavy-duty “pop-up” body.

The protective armor of the R5 Rotator Pop-Up keeps insects out while shielding against damage during pruning, harvesting, and other operations. The integral inlet screen and quick-change acme adapter significantly reduces nozzle plugging and time required to unplug sprinklers. And, to eliminate costly tubing repairs from animals or equipment damage, growers can use the innovative new PVC Stake Assembly to fully protect their irrigation investment.

The durability of the R5 Pop-Up and PVC Stake Assembly provide a level of reliability that enables system automation in combination with the Nelson 8200 Controller. The system is easy to install and maintain. Simply shallow-bury the polyethylene lateral tubing for protection and to anchor it in place. Shallow-bury the feed tube for protection. A half-inch yellow PVC stake is inexpensive, protects the tubing, and is much stronger than other micro-irrigation stakes.

The R5 Pop-up reduces irrigation system maintenance costs dramatically in three ways.

1. Insect problems are mitigated — no more plugging or stalling.
2. A strong stake and protective canister protect against damage during pruning, thinning, harvest, and machine operations.
3. The inlet screen significantly reduces the time required to unplug sprinklers and the number of times a sprinkler plugs.

The R5 is available with a standard or flow control nozzle. As pressure increases, 5FC nozzles flex to a smaller size to deliver a constant flow over a range of pressure. They assure uniform application of water throughout the crop.

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VACLEEN Filter, Olson Irrigation

Olson Irrigation Systems’ VACLEEN® fully-automatic, self-cleaning filter features a brief but effective cleaning cycle, allowing filtration to continue uninterrupted during cleaning. Reciprocating cleaning nozzles thoroughly remove accumulated debris in three to five seconds, using as little as 8 gallons of water.

The filter’s patented cleaning mechanism requires no motors, transmissions, or micro switches to rotate the cleaning nozzles, allowing the VACLEEN to operate with fewer parts. “Fewer parts mean fewer problems,” says Don Olson, company president.

The many innovative features of the VACLEEN filter are outlined in a new video available from Olson Irrigation Systems, 10910 Wheatlands Ave., Santee, CA 9207 or may be viewed on the company’s website.

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