With Food Safety In Mind, FDA Requests $4.3 Billion Budget

With Food Safety In Mind, FDA Requests $4.3 Billion Budget

FDA is requesting a $4.3 billion budget to “protect and promote the public health” as part of President Obama’s fiscal year (FY) 2012 budget — a 33% increase over 2010’s budget.


“FDA protects and promotes the health of all Americans through every stage of life,” said Margaret A. Hamburg, MD, commissioner of food and drugs. “The breadth of this mandate means that FDA responsibilities continue to grow. The new budget contains new resources so that FDA can fulfill its growing responsibilities to the American public.”

One of the critical initiatives the FDA 2012 budget proposes is:

• Transforming Food Safety and Nutrition ($324 million) Initiative: With this increase, FDA will begin to implement the landmark Food Safety Modernization Act and also empower Americans to make healthier food choices. FDA will establish a prevention-focused food safety system and leverage the work of FDA’s state and local food safety partners. The end goal will be to develop a stronger, more reliable food safety system to protect American consumers. FDA will also empower Americans to make more healthful food choices through menu and vending machine labeling.

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