Agricultural Mechanization: One Theme Of EIMA International

Agricultural Mechanization: One Theme Of EIMA International

Featured at the 2014 EIMA, was the Junior potato digger from F. Spedo. It is designed to pick early and very delicate potatoes.

Featured at the 2014 EIMA in Italy, was the Junior potato digger from F. Spedo. It is designed to pick early and very delicate potatoes.

The International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition (EIMA) International is a five-day event to be held in Bologna, Italy, Nov. 9 to 13. This event highlights agricultural products including processing machinery, fertilizer and spraying equipment, harvesting equipment, irrigation systems and equipment, and more.

The 2016 edition of EIMA International, which is said to be the largest exhibition dedicated to agricultural mechanization, will also include meetings, workshops, and conferences promoted by FederUnacoma, associations, and exhibitors.


The program, which consists of 100 events, covers a wide range of political, economic, and technical issues such as agricultural system models’ evolution, automated management of cropping systems, multifunctional activities, and new business opportunities. The program also will include specific professional training and courses for operators.

On Nov. 8, FederUnacoma will hold a press conference, which will present a scenario of global markets, with figures concerning the exhibition, and new projects included in the renovation of the exhibition center.

The conference is organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with CEMA (European Agricultural Machinery) and the international organization Agrievolution encompassing the theme ”Agricultural Mechanization: New European Agenda,” which is going to host representatives of industry, professional organizations, and politicians.

On the same day the “Tractor of the Year” award sponsored by the magazine Trattori, will be announced.

Also n the program slated for Nov. 11 is the ”Agroinnovation Tour – Digital Agriculture: Today’s Opportunities: Ideas for the Future,” which is dedicated to agriculture’s future developments and promoted by Imagine Line, a magazine that specializes in online information.

A big attraction will be the annual conference of the National Young Farmers Association (AGIA), which is scheduled for Nov. 12 at the EIMA M.i.A., a section dedicated to technologies for multi-functional agriculture, focusing on “Start-up in Agriculture: Young Farmers Aligned with the World of Education.”