The Latest Vegetable Varieties From American Takii


Cabbage, broccoli, and a jalapeño hybrid pepper are a few offerings from American Takii. Celebrate is a hybrid cabbage variety that has wide adaptability and has shown to be highly resistant to yellows. It features an attractive blue-green head with good wrapping leaves.

Spring Crisp is a Napa-type cabbage that matures 63 days after sowing. It also is slow to bolt and holds well in the field. It has shown intermediate resistance to clubroot.

Paraiso is a broccoli variety that offers excellent post-harvest shelf life and is good for bunching, crown cut, and florets. It matures 75 days after transplanting (95 to 98 days after direct sowing). Paraiso has a good upright habit, consistently produces heads with good dome and fine, dark-green beads.

The jalapeño variety Green Festa has high yield potential with continuous fruit set. Peppers weigh approximately 1.5 ounces, mature from green to red, have thick walls, and high pungency. Green Festa has medium maturity and offers high resistance to bacterial spot race 1, 2, and 3.

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