American Vanguard Acquires Insecticides From Bayer CropScience

American Vanguard Corporation recently announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Amvac Chemical Corporation, has completed the acquisition of two insecticide product lines from Bayer CropScience, LLC. The first includes the global product line relating to the active ingredient Ethoprophos (sold under the trade name Mocap) and the second includes the global (except for Europe and Argentina) product line Fenamiphos (sold under the trade name Nemacur).


Both product lines include registrations and data rights, rights relating to manufacturing and formulation know-how, inventories, the Ultima packaging system and the trademarks Mocap, Nemacur, and Ultima. Other terms of the transaction were not released.

Mocap and Nemacur are positioned in many fruit and vegetable crops. They can be used to replace soil fumigants (such as methyl bromide) and are a tool against resistance development in numerous soil insect species.