Biopesticide Industry Alliance Launches New Website

The Biopesticide Industry Alliance (BPIA), a non-profit organization committed to communicating the benefits of biopesticide technology, and products, announces the launch of its new website at


Built from the collective knowledge of its member companies, the site was developed in response to the rapidly increasing level of interest in biopesticides among growers, researchers, and crop professionals. It provides current and future adopters with fundamental, science-based information about biopesticides in a logical, easy to understand format, and includes information on problem / solution scenarios, biopesticide categories, market growth, and much more.

Dr. Robert Holm, membership committee chair and newly appointed vice chair of the BPIA board of directors, says that the development of the new website mirrors the broader recognition of the value of biopesticides within mainstream agriculture. At the BPIA’s annual spring meeting, Holm reported that BPIA membership increased by more than 50% –from 34 to 53 – since spring 2009. As former Executive Director of USDA’s IR-4 program and more than 40 years in crop protection, Holm has seen the biopesticide landscape change dramatically in the last few years. “Just 10 or 15 years ago, there were only a few companies involved in biopesticides,” says Holm, “But you can see through our membership how quickly that’s changing. As biopesticides and their benefits have become better understood, there’s so much interest that big companies are getting involved plus lots of small companies exclusively targeting biopesticide research, and development. It’s a very positive sign for growers and homeowners who can benefit from these innovative products.”

Category growth has also warranted an expansion of the organization’s Board of Directors. BPIA is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Board Members in 2010: William Dunham of International Bio Consultants LLC, Ned French, Ph.D. of Plant Health Care Inc., and Cam Wilson of Neudorff North America. With more than 75 years combined experience in commercial agriculture, Dunham, French and Wilson position BPIA to expand its efforts in providing reliable solutions to a progressive industry.