Biorational Approach: Labor Management

It happens all too often in the production of fresh produce: The re-entry interval following a chemical application keeps workers out of the field at a critical time, or a beautiful crop is nearing harvest when a late season pest infestation threatens yield and quality. Crop quality encompasses many areas including fruit size, packout, shape and color, absence of defects, firmness and shelf-life, taste and texture, and plant health. Biorational products can be used when worker intervention is especially critical, especially early and late in the season. Many traditional insecticides battle re-entry and pre-harvest intervals that preclude their use at critical times.


With the lowest pre-harvest interval allowed by law, biorational products can be used right up until harvest time. And, growers don’t have to worry about ill effects to labor because these products are safe with zero toxicity to humans.

With the growing focus on maximum residue levels when it comes to trade, residue management is more important than ever. Residue management refers to the growers’ need to deliver a product that is residue free or within acceptable levels. A key benefit of biorational products is their ability to help the grower deliver produce with the absence of pesticide residue, or residue levels within regulatory parameters. This benefit is especially important late in the season, when growers need a pesticide application to protect a crop that’s nearing harvest.