Burndown Herbicide Gets The Nod In California

GreenMatch (d-limonene or extract of citrus) burndown herbicide is now available in California for use in organic crops. From Marrone Organic Innovations, GreenMatch meets the requirements of the National Organic Program for use in organic agriculture and is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. It has a full EPA registration for crop and non-crop application.


“Weed control is the single largest cost for organic farmers, and the main reason why many conventional farmers are unwilling to transition to organic practices,” states Pam Marrone, CEO of Marrone Organic Innovations. “The availability of this effective, long-lasting burndown material will positively affect the economics and operational challenges they face.”

GreenMatch is a post-emergence, non-selective organic herbicide that contains extract of citrus as well as other plant extracts and surfactants. GreenMatch kills the weeds by stripping the wax off the leaves of the plants, causing weeds to rapidly shrivel and die, appearing “burned down.”

GreenMatch is sold in 5-gallon pails, and has proven to be effective on a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including spurge, sowthistle, shepherd’s purse, clover, hairy fleabane, annual bluegrass, smooth crabgrass, dandelion, whitestem filaree and many others.