Controlling Nematodes

Pasteuria Bioscience has received registration from EPA for Pasteuria usgae, a natural bacteria in soil that may be used as biological control agents for nematodes. Pasteuria spp. was first discovered over 50 years ago and identified as an effective agent for nematode control.


According to Pasteuria Bioscience, scientists have considered Pasteuria to be among the most promising biological agents for control of plant-parasitic nematodes. Until recently, however, no one was able to grow Pasteuria outside of the body of a nematode, so it could not be produced cost-effectively on a commercial scale. Pasteuria Bioscience has developed a new technology that allows the rapid growth of multiple strains of Pasteuria manufactured through traditional fermentation methods.

“We’re very pleased to receive this EPA registration,” said David Duncan, Ph.D., chief executive officer for Pasteuria Bioscience. “It confirms Pasteuria usgae as a safe, effective, and an environmentally friendly agent for nematode control.”