Fog Tunnel Produce Treatment System

Andgar Corporations, BioSafe Systems, and SmartFog combine forces and experience to offer packers and processors an equipment and chemical package that increases quality and food safety. The FogTunnel Produce Treatment System is a custom-made technology, fitted to new or existing conveyors or processing lines, that immerses produce in a dry fog to eliminate plant and human health pathogens.


Fruits and vegetables pass through the stainless steel FogTunnel that is outfitted with a Smart Fog system that produces a 5-micron dry fog of EPA-registered, activated peroxygen chemistry to eliminate all forms of plant pathogens and microorganisms. The Fog Tunnel can reduce biological loading up to 99.99%. FogTunnels can be installed to treat directly after harvest, before storage, packing, or anywhere in your facility.

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