Insecticide, Insect Growth Regulator Receive The Nod From EPA

Vetica insecticide and Courier, an insect growth regulator (IGR) can now be used on brassica crops. EPA labeled Nichino America’s two products for use on head and stem brassicas, which includes broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese broccoli, Chinese cabbage, Chinese mustard cabbage, cavalo broccolo, and kohlrabi.


Vetica combines two insecticides, flubendiamide and buprofezin. Flubendiamide is a new insecticide very specific to lepidopteran insects, including cabbage looper, armyworms, tobacco budworm, and diamondback moth. Buprofezin is an IGR with activity on homopteran insects. Vetica is also registered for use on fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, and cucurbits.

Courier contains only buprofezin and is a proven product for long lasting control of whiteflies, leafhoppers, planthoppers, and mealybugs. Courier is also labeled for use on fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, snap beans, cucurbits, and strawberries, and has a one-day postharvest interval on all fruiting vegetable crops.