New Insect Control Technology

Arysta LifeScience North America has introduced new technology that provides an Eco-Responsive approach to insect control. Called Responsive Pest Management Technology (RPM), this new technology is the process of combining organic compounds with or without synthetic insecticides. In combination with synthetic insecticides, the resulting synergy yields a greater level of control than the active ingredients used independently, according to Arysta.


RPM Technology is based on the identification of specific natural compounds that interfere with targeted neurological and olfactory receptors of the insect. When RPM Technology compounds come in contact with the sensors, a chain reaction is triggered that repels or kills the insect.

According to the company, the natural compounds used in RPM Technology are plant-based and when used alone result in an organic product. In addition, RPM Technology can help break the cycle of resistance because it doesn’t work like a conventional insecticide.

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