RootShield Gets The Nod In California

RootShield WP (Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22), has been approved by the Department of Pesticide Regulation  for sale in California. Registered by EPA in August 2008, RootShield WP is a new and improved formulation of the currently registered biological fungicide, PlantShield HC.


With this enhanced wettable powder formulation, RootShield WP will not clog drip emitters, drip tape or irrigation booms. The product provides preventative control of major root diseases including Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia Thielaviopsis and Cylindrocladium by growing on roots, protecting them against damaging fungi.  RootShield WP is registered for indoor and outdoor root disease control on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals, herbs, and vegetables, and has a zero-hour Restricted Entry Interval.