SePRO to Back Bio-Tam 2.0 Biofungicide in the U.S.

SePRO Corp. and Isagro have announced an agreement under which SePRO will market the Isagro Trichoderma-based Bio-Tam biofungicide product to specialty ag crop markets across the U.S. Bio-Tam 2.0 is part of the next generation of biofungicides featuring a combination of two species of beneficial Trichoderma fungi.


Formulated as a wettable powder, the new product can be used in the management of soilborne diseases including the following: Fusarium spp., Phytophthora spp., Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Sclerotinia spp., Sclerotium rolfsii, Thielaviopsis basicola, and Verticillium spp., as well as Armillaria spp. and Rosellinia spp.

Bio-Tam 2.0 is currently labeled for use on numerous row crops, vegetables including brassicas, cucurbits, fruiting and leafy vegetables, and a host of berry and tree crops. It is an effective tool to reduce the stress of disease infections associated with many soil-borne pathogens. According to SePro, Bio-Tam 2.0 colonizes the crop roots and surrounding soil. It acts as a protectant, forming a barrier that is antagonistic to disease infection. Bio-Tam 2.0 also attacks the pathogen cell walls with enzymes that actively inhibit disease infection.

SePRO currently markets the same Trichoderma-based biofungicide to the turf, ornamental, and greenhouse markets under the Obtego brand.

“We are extremely excited about bringing this technology into the specialty agriculture market,” Sam Barrick, VP of Marketing for SePRO, said in a prepared news release.

In addition to its below-ground activity, Bio-Tam 2.0 has demonstrated activity against the Esca complex of grapevine wood diseases, particularly Phaeomoniella spp. By colonizing the pruning wounds, the product forms a shield that prevents pathogenic fungi from spreading within the plant following pruning.