Take A BioRational Approach

Because of their unique properties, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) products offer a wide range of benefits to today’s growers. Many of these benefits simply can’t be obtained through pest control programs that are confined to conventional chemistry alone. Biorationals can:

  • Assist resistance management.
  • Aid in integrated pest management.
  • Offer lower residue.
  • Enhance organic production.
  • Provide pre-harvest flexibility.
  • Enhance environmental safety.

These benefits can add up to a substantial return on investment in value generated and hassles reduced in the production process. But this added value is possible only when growers and others in the chain fully understand the unique attributes of Bts and how to best use them alone or with other chemistry in the integrated pest management system.

Valent BioSciences and GrowingProduce.com are working together to help growers and their allies learn more about the potential of biorational products. A new educational initiative, called “A BioRational Approach,” will offer audio and video interviews with growers and researchers who are finding new ways to unlock the benefits of Bts in the field.

Watch GrowingProduce.com to find out more about how you benefit from taking A BioRational Approach.