Reality of ‘Agriculture 4.0’ Comes to Life During 2023 VISION Conference

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The 6th annual VISION Conference was another great success with more than 165 engaged attendees eager to learn what the future has in store for agriculture.


The event kicked off on Jan. 17 in Glendale, AZ, with a welcome from Joe Monahan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Meister Media Worldwide.

“Our goal with the VISION Conference is to bring together a broad mix of voices, perspectives, and capabilities that are driving change across the food value chain,” said Monahan. “It’s really looking into the future of ag tech.”

Renee TargosAgriBusiness Global Editor, and Lara SowinskiCropLife Media Group Editor, served as the moderators for this year’s conference, with the theme Harnessing the Power of Agriculture 4.0 – Turning Innovation into Reality.

It’s all about where we are going next. John Teeple, Global Partner Leader in Agriculture with Amazon Web Services set that stage by exploring how Agriculture 4.0 is the synthesis of the tools and systems that have come before with technology that is becoming reality now, from robotics and electrification, to digital twins and the metaverse.

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“I see Agriculture 4.0 as a continuation of maturing, automating, and accelerating of the value of those existing technologies and allowing us to focus on doing more with less, creating more customer value and delivering more overall value to the farmer,” said Teeple. “Every organization needs to be working today on digital transformation to understand what has to change to support where technology is going.”

Keynote Robin Raskin, a veteran journalist and author who founded The Virtual Events Group, took us into the metaverse to find out more about this strange new world that everyone is talking about. “The metaverse has caught the imagination of nearly every industry,” said Raskin. “We have a generation growing up who believe that digital assets really are important, whether it’s a piece of art, or a piece of corn, or a piece of land.”

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