5 Reasons You Should Attend Growing Innovations

The specialty crop market is wracked by unprecedented change: labor scarcity, water shortages, pressing demands for increased quality and transparency by food retailers and consumers, tightening profit margins, a need for greater logistical efficiency, and on and on.


Which is why you should attend the first-ever Growing Innovations Conference and Expo. As conference chair for this inaugural event — to be held Nov. 7-8, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV, through a joint venture of Meister Media Worldwide and NXT Media called Meister | NXT, LLC — I’m privileged to have had informative conversations with our advisory board and our many of our speakers and have grown more excited by the week at the quality of the conference agenda we’ve lined up.

So … here are my top five reasons you should attend Growing Innovations and register today.

  1. Learn new tools and strategies. You’re seeking solutions, not necessarily technologies. And you’ll find them at Growing Innovations, both on display on the trade show floor and in discussions throughout the conference’s two days. We intentionally invented Growing Innovations as neither a “tech” event nor as a typical grower show but as a forum for new, real-world solutions. We’ve taken inventory of your biggest pain points and have reached out to experts across North America to come to Vegas and help you overcome them.
  2. Challenge yourself to think differently. It’s easy to get into a rut, or to be change-averse. Our expert presenters will keep you on the cutting edge of innovation by showing you how their own solutions are being implemented in real-world growing situations.Growing Innovations logo
  3. Expand your network. How often do you get a chance to learn from growers of crops and production systems that are different from your own? As we laid the groundwork for this conference we heard a message loud and clear: Fruit growers are interested in learning from greenhouse ornamental growers, who in turn learn from vegetable growers, and so on. Networking and peer-to-peer interaction will be a key component of Growing Innovations.
  4. See things for yourself. We’re designing our exhibition area with one key objective in mind: to give you a chance to lay your hands on many of the innovations you’ve been hearing about. Our goal is to make our tradeshow floor like no other you’ve ever seen.
  5. Get inspired. And last, as if Las Vegas alone were not enough to awaken your senses, you’ll leave inspired to address your operation’s thornier challenges and set up your operation for its best and most efficient year ever in 2019.

We hope you’ll join us for Growing Innovations. Please consider registering today.