A Look At Evans Fruit Company Through The Years

As 2014 American and Western Fruit Grower’s Apple Growers of the Year, Bill and Jeannette Evans have spent a lifetime making their mark on the apple industry, specifically with Red Delicious apples. The duo is quite a force, garnering respect along the way.


From its founding in 1949 to opening the first packing facility in 1959, Bill and Jeannette continue to grow and expand, while focusing on the quality of the fruit they are producing.

“That’s one thing about farming, you have to keep up, you have to reinvest,” Jeannette says.

By 1975, Evans Fruit Company had expanded to 500 acres of orchard.

Today, Bill and Jeannette farm 2,700 acres in Mattawa, WA, and 6,000 acres in Moxee and Yakima.

Here’s a look at the early days of Evans Fruit Company.