It’s A Global Celebration For World Pear Day Today

It’s A Global Celebration For World Pear Day Today

world-pear-dayThis year, National Pear Month is going global. To celebrate the 12th anniversary of USDA officially declaring December as National Pear Month, USA Pears will hit the road today, Dec. 3, to provide samples of this juicy, delicious fruit to consumers across the world.


Beginning at 2 p.m. local time in New Zealand, people will have the opportunity to taste a variety of USA-grown pears via pop-up sampling opportunities in more than 24 countries including China, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico and across all U.S. time zones for 24 hours of continuous sampling and promotion of USA Pears. It’s the ideal time to celebrate the abundance and variety of USA Pears, now at their peak and available worldwide.

“This is the first time USA Pears has done a sampling event of this magnitude, and we’re really excited to have people across all time zones sample pears throughout a single day and interact on social media,” says Kevin Moffitt, president and CEO of Pear Bureau Northwest, a nonprofit trade association promoting fresh pear on behalf of the nearly 1,600 pear growers in Washington and Oregon. “While Washington and Oregon account for 84% of the pears commercially grown in the U.S., we export nearly 40% so they truly are a fruit enjoyed around the world.”

The ten varieties of pears grown in Washington and Oregon include: ‘Green Anjou,’ ‘Red Anjou,’ ‘Bartlett,’ ‘Red Bartlett,’ ‘Bosc,’ ‘Comice,’ ‘Concorde,’ ‘Forelle,’ ‘Seckel,’ and ‘Starkrimson.’

USA Pears social platform of InstagramTwitter, and Facebook will connect with pear consumers worldwide while using the hashtag #WorldPearDay.

In the U.S., sampling pop-ups will appear in New York City, NY; Minneapolis, MN; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; and Portland, OR, with several retailer sampling locations in between.