When Longevity Meets Progress In Apple Growing

Richard JonesAmericans admire “stick-to-itiveness.” We look favorably on those who tackle challenges day after day after day with dogged persistence because the work has to get done. Those who keep after it for the long haul earn our respect.

That said, longevity is often overrated. From the athlete that sticks around a season or two too long to a business going through the motions year after year, none of us want to emulate someone who’s hanging around, just trying to survive.

We also admire creativity and innovation. We look up to the people and businesses that break out of the pack and show us or sell us something different. But novelty in and of itself isn’t a formula for long-term success. We all know examples of businesses that explode on the scene like a Fourth of July starburst — and fade away just as quickly.


Evans Fruit Company is a prime example of what you can accomplish when you find the sweet spot that combines longevity with progress.

Bill and Jeanette Evans

Bill and Jeanette Evans

American farms still — thankfully — have strong ties to the family-business model and work ethic that built this industry. Few moreso than Bill and Jeannette Evans. Read this month’s cover story and you’ll understand why they have been chosen as American and Western Fruit Grower’s Apple Growers Of The Year.

These octogenarians have been in the fruit business for 65 years and in that time, have honed the operation to perfection, steadily and persistently changed to meet the needs of their customers, and grown Evans Fruit Company to amazing heights. There are lessons there for all of us.

Fruit growers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from progress and reinvention. American Fruit Grower and Western Fruit Grower are changing too.

As growers and the market evolve, we’re adapting along with you with some significant updates to our print and digital coverage of this vibrant industry.

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