‘Arctic Fuji’ Apple Set to Come in From the Cold

‘Arctic Fuji’ Apple Set to Come in From the Cold

Arctic Fuji apple (Photo credit: Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc.)

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. (OSF) has announced that its ‘Arctic Fuji’ has completed the voluntary review process with the FDA. The apple was deregulated by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) in fall 2016.

The FDA is expected to post a letter announcing the completion of their evaluation on its website in the coming weeks. This was the final step required in the regulatory process.


‘Arctic Fuji’ apple joins two other OSF releases ‘Arctic Golden’ and ‘Arctic Granny,’ which were previously approved in 2015. Through biotechnology, the enzyme in Arctic apples responsible for browning has been turned off.

“Completion of this FDA review is important news for our company as it marks the last step needed for ‘Arctic Fuji’ to officially join our commercial orchards,” explained Neal Carter, President of OSF.