New Fill-By-Weight Clamshell Filler For Blueberries

New Fill-By-Weight Clamshell Filler For Blueberries

Lakewood Clamshell FillerA new 12-head weigh-filling clamshell filler, the EZ Fill, is now available from Lakewood Process Machinery. The equipment has been designed to offer blueberry growers a machine tailored specifically to them using the input of existing blueberry-packing customers as the basis for the overall design and specific features.


The EZ Fill is a stripped down version of the company’s previous weigh-fillers with a simplified user interface, minimized drop heights, a new dribble-gate system designed for an increased level of accuracy in container weights with blueberries, and an improved weigh-bucket apparatus for quicker unloading and faster production rates.

Along with the machine’s newly designed blueberry-specific features, the EZ Fill includes Lakewood’s patent-pending Wedge Wheel Clamshell Denester, guaranteeing fewer doubles when denesting. It also includes three dump funnel cartridges, allowing you to pack different sized clamshells or punnets without the use of secondary transport conveyors, making the container changeover process tool-free, fast, and very user-friendly.

The EZ fill is designed to fill any hinged clamshell or punnet from 4.4 ounces to 41 pounds and will fit a variety of different container footprints.

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