Orange Rust Management Tips for Brambles

Orange Rust Management Tips for Brambles

The most apparent and familiar stage of the orange rust disease cycle. At this stage, much of the leaf underside is covered with orange pustules and abundant spores are being released. (Photo: K. Demchak, Penn State)

Kathy Demchak, Senior Penn State University Extension Associate, reports she’s had an increase in inquiries about orange rust management in brambles.

“We’ve gotten more calls about orange rust this year than in any other year that I can remember, and the disease is definitely present in a lot of locations,” she writes.


Orange rust is a systemic disease, she says, so it will affect any propagated plants from infected hosts.

“It is important to obtain clean plants from a reputable nursery source. Remove entire infected plants early in the spring whenever possible,” she says.

She also suggests growers consult an article written by Cassandra Swett last year, that provides additional information on the life cycle of orange rust, the additional control measures, and the timing for their use.