Mealybug Infestation Hits Michigan Vineyards

This summer, researchers from Michigan State University (MSU), noticed an infestation of mealybugs in vineyards, says Rufus Isaacs and Keith Mason of MSU Extension, Department of Entomology, and Annemiek Schilder, MSU Extension, Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences.


“Mealybugs are small, oval insects with a fuzzy, white covering, and they tend to occur in protected areas of the vine, especially under the loose bark. Some mealybugs can cause damage from their feeding and contamination of clusters, but others transmit viruses, making them much more of a concern,” says the article.

Mealybugs also transmit viruses and graperoll virus has been detected in the Southwestern portion of the state.

“Our insect samples from the 2014 collections are currently being identified to get a firm species identification, and the extent of the infestation is also being determined,” says the artucke. “Leafroll virus can infect all types of grapevines, but it reduces yields and fruit quality only in vinifera grapevines.”

Go to this link for more on mealybug management and leafroll virus prevention.

Source: Michigan State University Extension bulletin