Grapevine Leaf Removal

Product Showcase: Leaf Removal


Rinieri’s line of grapevine pruning machines and devices include a DRV leaf stripper, which helps produce a favorable climate for bunch ripening and reduce work time up to 70%. The CRV pruning machine includes high-speed rotating blades and a completely hydraulic multipurpose frame with a spring shockproof system. The high speed of the rotation allows for a perfect pruning even with heavy vegetation. The CRL double-blade pruning machine and vine pre-pruner has a scissor-like cutting system, with one or more horizontal bars.

There are two frame options. The B1 frame is included on all single-side CRV and CRL trimmers. This frame features an adjustable up/down of 24 inches, an in/out of 16 inches, and an adjustment angle movement of 20 degrees in either direction. It has mid- or front-mount capabilities. The B2 frame is similar, but has an in/out adjustment of 10 inches.

These machines are available domestically through BDI Machinery based in Macungie, PA. Check out the BDI catalog at

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