Harvest Expected To Be A Week Late For Michigan Apples

The predicted apple harvest dates are now available at all locations on the Michigan State University Enviro-weather website.


In general, 2014 predicted harvest dates are roughly a week behind normal and a week behind last year, according to Phil Schwallier, Michigan State University Extension fruit educator. Bloom dates this spring were also behind normal across the state.

As always, the weather seems to be unusual each year and 2014 was no different. It began after an extremely long, cold winter with a late, cool spring that eventually became somewhat normal in May and June. Little to no frost events occurred. This unusual spring was also characterized by considerable and seemingly unending record precipitation in most state locations.

Most apple growers were successful in thinning the crop with most growers under-thinning slightly. This moderate to heavy crop will mature close to the predicted dates. Blocks with light crop loads will mature three or four days sooner.

This year’s 2014 predicted dates and adjusted predicted dates are a rough estimate based on the McIntosh, Jonathan and Red Delicious predicted dates. Michigan State University Extension recommends other areas of the state adjust non-predicted varieties based on their own history. ReTain application should be applied 30 days before harvest. Use Table 3’s 2014 predicted harvest dates to time ReTain applications and adjust for varieties and locations.

Click here to see predicted peak harvest dates for Honeycrisp, Gala, Empire, Jonathan, Fuji, and more.

Source: Michigan State University news release