New Low-Dose Biofungicide for California Produce Growers

New Low-Dose Biofungicide for California Produce Growers

California regulators have approved Aviv, a new biofungicide from STK Bio-ag Technologies, which is labeled for use on fruit and vegetables including, grapes, strawberries, and leafy vegetables.


STK Bio-ag Technologies says the active ingredient in Aviv is the most potent strain of Bacillus subtilis (AB/BS03) currently available. This biofungicide provides broad spectrum disease control in both soil and on-plant surfaces.  In addition to its efficacy, AVIV can be used in low-dose rates. It also has a shelf life of 36 months.

Aviv has already been approved by 25 states in the U.S.

 “AVIV will be an effective and sustainable new tool for California growers, enabling them to lower chemical residues, increase yields and be more competitive in U.S. and export markets,” Neal Job, STK USA Business Manager, said.