Ralph Chamberlain’s Peach Picks

Ralph Chamberlain's Peach Picks

UF Tropic Beauty: Fruit ripens at the end of April and holds on the tree better than most varieties. Fruit have a high percentage red over cover on bright yellow background with very short fuzz, making the fruit highly attractive. The round, firm fruit have melting, deep yellow flesh that frees from the pit at soft ripe. Fruit size is about 2¼ to 2½ inches in diameter. 
UF Sun: The variety is an attractive high-quality peach with yellow non-melting flesh that ripens with Florida Prince. It has a longer shelflife than fruit from conventional melting-flesh cultivars. Trees have low chill requirements of 100 units. Fruit are large and have bright red skin with an orange color.  
UF One: Fruit ripens in mid-April, trees produce attractive, sweet tasting, yellow and non-melting flesh, and semi-clingstone fruit. Fruit set is good and with proper thinning attain 2¼ inches in diameter.  
Flordaglo: It is a white flesh peach that ripens in late April to early May. Fruit have high red over color on melting white flesh with a semi cling pit. Fruit size is 2¼ to 2½ inches in diameter.
Florida Prince: Attractive fruit ripens in mid-April with a bright red blush over a yellow background. Yellow flesh is semi-cling to the pit when fully mature. Fruit have a highly aromatic flavor giving them an excellent taste and are consistently 2 inches or larger when properly thinned.