Northwest Cherry Growers Release Preliminary Season Report

Northwest Cherry Growers (NWCG) report a preliminary shipped crop total of 20.52 million boxes. The record for June was 12.6 million boxes, which was due partially to an early crop.


“The Northwest has seen high temperatures over the past few years. But the record-shattering heat was an entirely different event, statistically speaking a 1-in-400 -years event,” details the report.

NWCG also said the early season challenges reduced the crop by an estimated 300,000 boxes of Rainier cherries.

Because of the early season, July’s crop was significantly smaller, with 7.4 million boxes. May shipped 380,000 boxes, and August recorded 70,000.

The report notes July’s low was a record since 2005’s 7 million June and 4.5 million July. August’s record low hasn’t been recorded since the 2000 season.

“Exports were strong this year, coming in just more than 30% of the shipped crop,” says the report.