AutoFarm And Raven Industies Team Up For New Product

Precise Collaboration


The FarmPRO GPS Steering and Application Control System from AutoFarm and Raven Industries is a new system that is the result of an on-going collaborative product development agreement between the two companies. Designed for growers and custom applicators, FarmPRO combines the Viper PRO state-of-the-art display and control system from Raven Industries with the sub-inch accurate RTK AutoSteer from AutoFarm. FarmPRO offers a feature-rich steering and application control system via a large screen display.

FarmPRO also features a number of automatic steering and application control functions, including:
    • WAAS (Wide-Area Augmentation System) to RTK steering accuracy options
    • Variable rate control of up to five products
    • Automatic boom height control
    • Automatic boom section control
    • Windows XP operating system
    • Shape file format for export to back office software, and much more. 

For more information, contact Auto-farm at 650-644-1400;, or contact Raven at 605-336-2750;