Customized Greenhouse Growing Systems

Delta T Solutions, a manufacturer and designer of hydronic greenhouse heating systems, will offer Filtrexx Agricultural System packages for growers. This technology uses GardenSoxx portable compost-filled mesh containment system for high-yield growing. It is especially suited to high tunnel applications.


Filtrexx systems provide a customized growing media made of bio-based materials like compost, within a strong mesh “sock” designed to meet the needs of growers’ individual operations. This method of growing offers a cultural system with these advantages:

– Proper moisture, air circulation, and drainage
– Slow-release of nutrients with high retention
– High biological activity

This renewable method helps to increase yields in conventional and organic systems, provides efficient water use, and can extend the growing season. Other advantages of GardenSoxx include:

– Reduced disease
– Low weed pressure
– Reduced insects
– More oxygen to plants
– More economical than coir or hydroponic systems
– Higher vigor levels
– Higher yields
– Measurable increases in plant health
– Improved plant safety
– Scalable

Under the terms of this agreement, Delta T Solutions will offer complete packaged systems of GardenSoxx, as well as its own customized heating solutions for all sizes and types of agricultural greenhouse operations.

For more information on Delta T Solutions and Filtrexx’ GardenSoxx systems, go to, call Delta T at 800-552-5058.