Filters Keep Sprinklers From Plugging

Filters Keep Sprinklers From Plugging


New injection-molded plastic Helix filters from Miller-Leaman, Inc. are designed to filter irrigation water (well water, pond water, etc.) to keep the irrigation sprinklers from plugging. The filters are available with a polypropylene disc media (Helix MTD Series) or a stainless-steel screen (Helix MTS Series).

As dirty water enters the filter housing, a high velocity spinning action occurs, spiraling heavier particles (sand, sediment, etc.) away from the disc/screen cartridge, down to the base of the filter housing. These accumulated particles are then flushed from the filter via the ¾-inch flush port connection, either manually or automatically.

The filter housings include pressure gauge ports enabling the customer to monitor the differential pressure across the filter, telling them when the filter needs to be serviced. The filters are available in three model sizes.

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