Product Spotlight: Orbitor Sprinkler From Nelson Irrigation

The O3000 Orbitor from Nelson Irrigation Corporation features new technology that eliminates the struts of a sprinkler body to provide outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low operating pressures. Designed with an innovative bracketless assembly, debris hang-up and water-pattern misting common to conventional sprinklers are eliminated. Irrigators can expect long wear-life, reliable operation, and durability, even in tough water conditions.


The O3000 uses Nelson’s universal 3TN quick-change, color-coded plastic nozzle and offers application solutions from 10 to 20 PSI operating pressure. This low-pressure sprinkler is mounted on drop tubes and uses low trajectory angles to keep the water down and out of the wind for maximum water and energy conservation. It is available with the choice of two plates to meet desired droplet configurations specific to site and soil requirements.

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