Product Spotlight: Sysstem-Ready Micronutrient

Sysstem-Ready from Agro-K Corporation is a glyphosate compatible, systemic foliar zinc/manganese micronutrient that rapidly penetrates plant tissue to provide plant-available zinc and manganese to developing crops, leading to increased growth and yield.


University research has shown that glyphosate molecularly combines with metals (chelation) such as zinc and manganese, locking them up so they lose mobility and efficacy when applied to the crop. Zinc is the cornerstone for leaf, root, and vascular system development while manganese is a key player in photosynthesis, nitrogen assimilation, and other essential bio-chemical reactions within the plant. To effectively provide these nutrients to glyphosate-tolerant crops, growers have had to wait eight or more days for the residual glyphosate in crop tissue to move out through root exudates, and then make another pass across the field with the nutrients.

In the new Sysstem-Ready formulation, zinc and manganese are linked to phosphite ions that resist glyphosate chelation, enabling rapid nutrient absorption and mobility within the crop plant. This makes the nutrients available during peak demand, increases the flush of new roots, and accelerates maturation to produce better yield. Also, the phosphite formulations are not antagonistic to glyphosate, which typically loses some weed control activity when chelation has occurred in a tank mix with nutrients.