Remote Control Kit For Irrigation

Eight-input remote control kits from Aquaterr offer wireless, solar-powered transmission and reception of signals for a variety of applications, including irrigation and water wells.


Kits consist of a transmitter, receiver, and omni-directional antenna. Input sensors command the Aquaterr transmitter to send radio signals to a corresponding receiver, normally located near the water supply. Transmitter input signals can come from temperature, moisture, and flow-detection switches, in addition to reservoir hi-lo water level and alarm switches. Receiver outputs can be sent to a range of actuator types, including pump and irrigation controllers.

The transmitter signal travels over any terrain, regardless of hills, buildings, and trees. Featuring a 5-mile range, the signal is uniquely encoded and redundant to avoid tampering. No radio license is required, and there are no cell phone costs.

Solar panels keep transmitters and receivers powered, and when fully powered, they can function for several weeks without sun. The rechargeable batteries last up to five years.

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