A Message to the Produce Industry on COVID-19

Nothing is normal about the times we’re in, or the situation you and your business are facing. The same is true for our team here at American Fruit Grower®, Western Fruit Grower®American Vegetable Grower®, Florida Grower®, and Meister Media Worldwide. Just as you are, we’re making every effort to ensure our employees and their families remain healthy and safe during the COVID-19 crisis.


But we also know that your work is continuing. Agriculture is perhaps the most critical industry on the planet right now. The services growers provide are literally helping to feed, clothe, and beautify the world in a significant time of need.

Our company’s work continues as well with the same commitment we’ve had for nearly 90 years. Through our comprehensive portfolio of communication platforms and tools we’ll be delivering information, insights, and context on COVID-19 and what’s happening in our markets, along with actionable steps you can take to guide your operation successfully through these conditions. We’ll also focus on the more familiar elements of your business that remain just important, whether you’re producing or advising on a crop, or providing the tools growers need.

Meister Media’s mission is to be the trusted partner empowering the business of global agriculture to grow a better world. We’re all in this together and we’re here to help.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do for you today, and in the weeks and months ahead.

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Avatar for Kathy Bock Kathy Bock says:

We are a small family owned apple orchard. At this point, we are just starting to get ready for our growing season. All of our produce is sold retail at our farm market. If the virus continues into the fall, we could face the problem of people not coming out for picking or purchasing in our store.

Avatar for Ron Harvey Ron Harvey says:

We are a small family farm. Most of your produce is available for pick your own. We do not have enough local labor to harvest our 5 acers strawberries, 5 acers blueberries, 1/4 acre red raspberries and 2 acers of other vegetables. How are pick your own markets classified und the term essential products?
We also have 5 acers of asparagus which we harvest our selves and understand we will be able sell at our farm market.
Are there any new regulations for harvesting produce concerning the COVID 19.

Our u-pick strawberry season will start early June.

Avatar for Gary keeney Gary keeney says:

we grow produce, put up small square bales of hay and some corn for grain. We do not have much to sell this time of year, and it is mainly my wife and I, so no employees to worry about. the only worry is if this will be behind us before farm market season and if people will come out.