Advances In Spray Technology

Adjustable Spray Tip


Advances In Spray TechnologyLooking for a new angle — in your spray tip? The Guardian spray tip from Hypro offers a unique angle in spray tip technology and works well for insecticide and fungicide applications. The new spray tip has a 20-degree incline spray pattern, allowing users to adjust the spray forward, rearward, or as a twin spray to best suit the application target.

Hypro offers spray tips for a variety of pressure ranges, flow rates, and spray patterns designed to fit virtually any spray process. This latest addition to Hypro’s line completes its package of the ULD (herbicide), Hi-Flow (fertilizer), and TwinCap spray products. The company’s spray tips are available in ceramic, polyacetal, polyvinylidene pifluoride, stainless steel, and brass.

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