Bioworks Launches New Nitrogen Fertilizer

BioWorks-N-Vita-Bag-HiRes for webBioWorks new higher nitrogen fertilizer, Verdanta  N-Vita  9-4-3, is a homogeneous, granular, compound fertilizer with a high nitrogen mix that is derived from 100% organic sources. The increased nitrogen promotes foliar growth in many crops, including leafy vegetables, top dressing for fruiting vegetables, and all ornamentals.


Featuring a slow release process, nutrients are continuously available for up to 100 days. The nutrients are gradually released by soil microbes and production of humus for better rooting and less leaching.

This fertilizer also features Minigran technology, which was developed by DCM Corp. of Belgium. This unique formulation process delivers user-friendly, low-odor, and low-dust microgranules. Each tiny granule contains uniform nutrient content for better controlled nutrient delivery.

The line of Verdanta fertilizers include:

  • RM-1:  High phosphorus mixture 4-30-0
  • GM-2:  General purpose mixture 7-6-12 + 2.3% magnesium
  • K-Vita:  Organic, extra potassium mixture 2-0-20
  • N-Vita:  Higher nitrogen mixture 9-4-3
  • Eco-Vita:  Organic, general purpose mixture 7-5-10
  • PL-2:  Organic, liquid feed 2-0-6
  • OFE:  Chelated iron foliar spray 3-0-0 + 3% iron